Monday, May 14, 2012

Painting demo at the Ann Arbor Art Center's Paint the Town Event

The annual wine fundraiser (formerly Wine Fest) is now held downtown at the Art Center, giving attendees a chance to tour the building and still dance, drink and bid at the live auction under a tent at back of the Center. I was asked to demo my process in the 3rd floor studio space during the event. Strategic positioning next to the cheese table was a plus.
Additionally, I offered to donate the completed painting for the live auction. Here, step by step, is the painting in progress:

Just beginning

Winsor Yellow

Permanent Rose

Burnt Sienna

Almost finished

Purchased at the auction by Anita L.L. Thank you SO much, Anita!!

Feather bowling – CCS graduation

A trip to the Cadieux Cafe with some of the College for Creative Studies graduating seniors was a blast this past week. Belgian mussels and feather bowling are the draw. I took some lessons from Dave Chow and even had a small stroke of beginner's luck.

Those would be mine, closest to the feather

Then it was back to Detroit for the annual CCS student show on Friday night. It's a very big event where the students strut their stuff. Each graduate has half a wall (not enough) to display and sell their best work and everyone dresses to the nines. Here are a few highlights from some of the students in my Fall and Winter classes.

William Hanagan
Anneka Goss
Robbie Trevino

Marinko Milosevski

Jeremy Lassila