Sunday, September 4, 2011

And then there was Bali

Beautiful, spiritual, incredibly crowded. The people of Bali were the highlight. There really must be something to the Hindu culture that dominates the country. 93% of Balinese people follow Hinduism. The downside is their population explosion and with it all the traffic plus the inadequate sanitation and sewage treatment. Construction everywhere.

Fire Dance, Uluwatu Temple

Nasty monkeys, Uluwatu Temple

Rice Farmer, Seminyak

507 steps down the gorge to the most beautiful white water rafting trip imaginable.

Small village on bike trip. The decorative hangings are call Penjors and celebrate the Balinese festival of Galungan, "when the Dharma is winning".

Mini musicians, Galungan Festival

Early morning, Bali

Friend, Seminyak

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