Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bear with my newbie self as I navigate my way through the wondrous world of blogging.

Blackberry Addiction for the Washington Post
Ok, here we go....

After grumbling for years about the lack of content contained within the average blog, I have capitulated and am now on a path to contribute to the clutter. An empty-nester, with a little bit more time on my hands, I have decided to take the plunge while on a sabbatical of sorts. My husband and I are in the lower Florida Keys for the month of March and I am re-learning how to paint. My excuse for blogging is to show what it is like to stumble over process, which I hope will be of some interest to someone out there.

In the meantime, this Washington Post assignment was my last hurrah before heading to the land of the laid-back, anti-establishment crowd of lovers and ne'er-do-wells (heaven to me).

So stay tuned as I become my own student again.


  1. You've joined the masses! Congrats Cathy!

  2. Also consider yourself linked to MY blog as well.

  3. very nice cathy. i haven't put anything new on my blog in months! now i feel guilty.

  4. Guilt does wonders! It works for Catholics, artists and bloggers alike! Now I gotta go post something.